Roswell UFO Incident : UFO Photographed Over Roswell, New Mexico

According to eyewitness testimony (MUFON Case No. 71297) , “it was August 3, 2015 at 3:06 a.m. We were having a meteor shower that
late night, so we decided to sit out in the back of the truck to observe
them. While the time went by we noticed a shadow moving above us. We
all got a glimpse of it, at first I thought it was a bird flying above
us going west.

Roswell UFO Incident Photograph
Roswell UFO Incident 2015 Photograph

But my Aunt said that Birds really do not fly at night. She also said that if I wanted to see a UFO, just to talk to them
mentally and ask them to come back. So I did that and I was just shooting
random pictures in the direction that the shadow went.

At the time of
this event I had a Sony Phone, that is what I was using while taking
pictures. I did not have a digital camera. I was using different apps on
my phone for night pictures. I continue shooting all the pictures I
could that night. The next day my Aunt uploaded my pictures onto her
laptop and this is the picture that I caught on my Phone. 

She has a picture that she took maybe about 2 to 3 years back, it was a
night shot. In her picture there was a shape with lights, upon zooming
in she noticed a UFO also. It has the same shape has this picture of

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