[PC gaming]: Sunset Overdrive has PC achievements now, too

November 11, 2018 Windows achievements for Sunset Overdrive all but confirm an impending PC release.

If you still had any lingering doubts about the impending release Sunset Overdrive PC after ESRB ratings and Steam database listings, this should help to clear them up: a new set of achievements specific to a Windows Store release has just gone live. Microsoft has a big show scheduled this weekend, and chances are good that we’ll finally get confirmation of the port soon. The achievement list isn’t exactly the same as the original Xbox One version. All the secret achievements are revealed from the start, and every goal associated with the online Chaos Squad mode has been removed entirely. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the mode itself is gone, but it does mean that you won’t have to bother with it if you’re achievement hunting. You can see the full list via TrueAchievements. A Windows Store version isn’t necessarily the one everyone wants, but a SteamDB listing earlier this week suggests that yes, it’ll be coming to Valve’s store too. (You can check out the ESRB rating here.)

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