NEW UPDATED… Simlish is real, and the new Sims Alexa app will translate it for you

The Sims have been talking within the pleasant gibberish of Simlish from the beginning, however as with all fictional languages in issues with rabid fan communities, that gibberish was ultimately deciphered into a correct language. I don’t suppose we’re fairly to the purpose the place you possibly can carry an eloquent Simlish dialog simply but, however Maxis is placing out an official set of translations – although you’ll have to put in some effort to utilize them. Lin-Z was just lately added to The Sims four, as an Alexa-style machine your Sim can construct a creepy robotic relationship with. Now Maxis is placing collectively a real-life counterpart within the type of an Alexa app – sorry, ‘talent’ – which can supply Sims trivia, play music from the collection soundtrack, or offer you a historical past lesson in regards to the previous video games. However you can even communicate Simlish at Alexa and have it translate for you, and the in-game Lin-Z machine will provide you with new bits of the language to strive as soon as your relationship is maxed out. As Kotaku notes from the official dev stream, there’s an entire “secret vocabulary” to be found.

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