[New Update]: UFO Sighting in Silver Point, Tennessee on 2018-03-11 00:30:00 – Brilliant blue light. made contact w/ me. transmitted info (math). wife was witness.

The next exert is an eye fixed witness assertion. Please learn into it what you’ll. This has been reported to mufon who I’m positive are investigating:


On 11 march 2018, my spouse & i have been driving house late from nashville. as we approached our exit (within the nation), we noticed a superb blue mild hovering in a close-by discipline behind a small mountain. the sunshine electromagnetically zapped me as we handed. as soon as house, two laser beams from house entered our bed room & an electromagnetic ball of blue mild appeared outdoors. it communicated a mathematical method & a lot extra. i’ve written/captured the data that it telepathically communicated. // afterwards, a swarm of helicopters circled our house (i’m a retired uh-60 blackhawk pilot – i do know my helos). // for the reason that occasion, i’ve been left with a present of seeing tripolarized electromagnetic mild in every thing (some type of synesthesia).

1. driving house roughly 2330 hrs.
2. the sunshine was good. not like some other mild.
three. i joked that it was a ufo. turned out to be true!
four. stationary blue mild.
5. indescribable. elation. euphoria. bliss. information.
6. touring on street. beams & orb disappeared from window.

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