[New Update]: UFO Sighting in Cedar Hills, Utah on 2018-12-28 05:00:00 – Driving back from ca late back to cedar hills- first saw hovering over toole near i 80. seemed to follow me south and stopped when i stopped.

The next exert is a watch witness assertion. Please learn into it what you’ll. This has been reported to mufon who I’m certain are investigating:


Driving again to cedar hills space utah from christmas with household in northern california. i used to be on i 80 touring east in the direction of salt lake metropolis. when i entered the valley earlier than salt lake the place the town of toole is positioned i noticed whereas driving a very shiny white/blue mild hovering and stationary simply above the mountains east proper between the freeway and toole. at first i assumed it was only a helicopter or one thing nevertheless it appeared to not transfer for about 30 min. i assumed it peculiar, and it appeared noticeable brighter than any regular plane lights even when seeing one head on whith touchdown lights. i overlooked it briefly as i went across the mountains and into the salt lake valley. i handed the airport and noticed a number of industrial jets coming in head on and their brightness wouldn’t compete with the hovering orb that i had simply seen. as i get nearer to the i 80/i 15 interchange the identical peculiar mild pops up out of nowhere above the wasatch mountains east/southeast of me. appeared perhaps 500-1,00zero ft above the mountain peaks and hovering stationary once more. as i started touring south the sunshine appeared to reflect my pace and traveled parallel with me out my left window sustaining its similar elevation and barely south and forward of me. i felt very unusual mentally, virtually spaced out in a peculiar approach the place it appeared that i knew that it knew i may see it and took curiosity in me. i by no means felt alarmed however i used to be very curious and it felt prefer it was curious of me. made it again to the alpine/cedar hills space, when i finished and parked the sunshine stopped it’s course as effectively and hovered simply south/southeast beneath the clouds and beneath and proper subsequent to mt. timponogos. i sat it my automotive and watched it for 30 min or so, it by no means moved from its place as i watched. i took just a few images and video with my cellphone. at one level it brightened much more after which dimmed to a level the place it look comparable in brightness to the celebrities of orion, however after just a few seconds in brightened again to what it was earlier than. the white/blue mild appeared to subtly and gently pulse whereas sustaining an eerily nonetheless and glued place perhaps about Three-Four,00zero ft. above the valley ground. i felt that very same heady, hazy, and spaced out feeling and felt that very same power one feels when you recognize you’re being watched and noticed. i additionally felt a portentousness that one thing was occurring of significance to my life and everybody within the space. i went inside to sleep after about 45 min of watching it, it was nonetheless in its similar stationary place as i went inside round 6:00 am on the 28th of december 2018.

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