[New Update]: Black Triangle Sighting in Roswell, Georgia on 2010-01-10 00:00:00 – Stationary nonreflective craft with approximately nine green/gold/white lights around border. remained directly above for five+ minutes. disappeared while i went inside to get husband.

The next exert is a watch witness assertion. Please learn into it what you’ll. This has been reported to mufon who I’m certain are investigating:


The approximate time of my sighting was november or december or january of 2009 or 2010. very clear, no clouds, no wind. i’ve all the time loved wanting on the stars at night time and in winter every little thing may be very clear. there have been no leaves on the timber; in any other case i couldn’t have seen something. it was round 9:00 p.M. i normally stand within the driveway simply exterior the facet door. some lights drew my consideration to the sky additional up the driveway (westward) simply previous the storage door, and that i walked over, stood, and continued wanting up.

i might clearly see a black triangular object, stationary, utterly silent. i might solely inform there was one thing there due to the 9 or so inexperienced and gold lights which have been evenly spaced across the exterior edge and which outlined the isosceles triangular form. i stood for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes, a very long time. it was chilly. i needed my husband to see it however thought it will most likely disappear whereas i used to be looking for him in the home, so i simply stayed there.

the thing didn’t make me really feel threatened or something apart from curious. my preliminary thought was that it was a b-2 spirit stealth bomber, nevertheless it was the too small, the unsuitable form, and the lights definitely weren’t in keeping with stealth. in addition to, it wasn’t transferring in any respect or making any sound, and that i don’t assume the b-2 has both of these capabilities.

i repeat, there was by no means any motion from the thing. it by no means made any sound in any respect, no hum, nothing. i’ve far past glorious listening to. there was no audible disturbance of any variety, no air motion. the thing didn’t look like very excessive up, maybe lower than 60-90 ft. it was not massive. i made the “discover your dominant eye” form with my arms above my upturned face, and the thing match contained in the triangle made by my arms.

lastly i bumped into the home as a result of i needed another person to see it. i shouted for my husband to come back out. as a substitute of coming, he mentioned “what’s it” as a result of i didn’t sound panicked or scared.

i mentioned simply come out.

instantly i returned to the spot i had been standing in, however the object was gone. i felt distinctly irritated. i regarded throughout the world of sky that i might see from that place, and there was nothing there. i walked down the driveway and regarded in each path. nothing.

my husband lastly got here out. my need to share this with him was a wasted effort. subsequent time he can discover his personal ufo.

for a lot of nights i went exterior and regarded in each seen space of the sky from our driveway. i by no means once more noticed that object or another object.

be aware: i bear in mind considering the craft’s lights jogged my memory of christmas lights, which is what makes me assume it was most likely in november or december or january. it was positively after 2006. my approximation of 2009 or 2010 is simply what sticks in my thoughts.

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