[New]: These 12 Women Prank-Texted Their Exes that They're on Tonight's 'The Bachelor'

ICYMI: The Bachelor is premiering tonight on ABC. That made us assume: What higher solution to troll our exes than by telling them they may see us vying for one more dude’s coronary heart (and rose) on nationwide TV?

So what did our savage, completely sane selves do? Simply that.


Hey, at the very least we’re not faking an Australian accent or sending out supes cringe-y tweets, mmk?

So right here in your enjoyment, 12 girls share hilarious screenshots from their ex-boyfriends, ex-hookups, and ex-whatevers. What these dudes needed to say when our women re-opened that horrible breakup wound is le greatest factor ever.

The dude who was extra eager about rekindling a booty-call.

    Kelley G.

      The wait-holy-shit-gotta-get-off-the-train-ASAP ex.

      Tanya A.

      The man who needs to hook up with ex-Bachelor contestants, I suppose.

      Lily P.

      The ex-fling who truly understands The Bachelor timeline and logistics. Dammit.

      Allison Ok.

      The person anxiously typing “Season 23 Bachelor Contestants” into Google.

      Allison Ok.

      The previous bae attempting to sliiiiide again in there.

      Allison Ok.

      The wannabe-lawyer extra eager about reviewing the NDA.

      Emily T.

      The wait-I am-so-confused-I-thought-we-were-still-hooking-up man.

      Madison D.

      The ex who spat again an equally salty response. Boyyyy, we see you.

      Madison D.

      The pristine gentleman not on the lookout for a sub-par status actuality TV can convey (lol).

      Morgan V.

      The ghost-er.

      Gina P.

      The previous lover utilizing the chance to gaslight her into believing she needs to get again collectively. Eek!

      Taylor A.

      So there you’ve it, of us. And for those who’re truly eager about testing the season sans any ex-boyfriend textual content messages, try the spoilers right here.

      Comply with Taylor on Instagram, or play alongside and tweet your ex’s screenshots to me right here.

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