NASA Cuts Live International Space Station Feed As UFO Seen By ISS Camera

According to eyewitness testimony, down below screenshots were taken by me from the live feed of NASA International Space Station (ISS) on October 1, 2015 at 2:17pm. I have seen UFOs on NASA International Space Station (ISS) live feeds several times
but this time I took the screenshots.

2:15pm:  Nothing in the screenshot just space

2:17 pm: The UFO comes in focus of ISS camera “center Top”

2:19pm: UFO moves to center.

2:20pm:  NASA shutdown camera and goes on “Stand-by Screen”.

2:21pm: And when UFO gone out of camera frame, feeds goes live again

Seems UFO was of great size and moves quickly across camera shots in a 4 minute time stamped

Why doesn’t the Government just tell us they have these Spaceships. I see them Flying in our Sky’s from the ground all the time, from time to time
it is not hard to tell which is from our Planet and/or if they are from another world
and it is no big deal the our Government has these flying around. So far I have seen 3 different Types /Shapes that our Government has
just standing outside Looking up in our Sky’s

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