India: Hindu priest dies after brutal beating by Muslim cleric over music on temple loudspeakers

All over the world, the Muslim call to prayer (adhan) blasts out over loudspeakers, sometimes to the annoyance of local citizens, waking them up at all hours. Take, for example, last January in Israel, when the Knesset proposed bills to limit the use of loudspeakers for the adhan. The initiative was met with fury in the Islamic world, which saw it as “an attempt to muffle the Muslim call to prayer.” And Last August, a woman was jailed for 18 months in Indonesia — the nation with the world’s largest Muslim population — for merely complaining about the volume of a mosque’s call to prayer.

Now, in a signature example of Islamic supremacy, a Hindu temple priest was beaten so badly by an imam over the volume of the music on his temple loudspeakers that the priest suffered a ruptured liver and broken ribs, among other injuries. Days later, the Hindu priest died.

An update on this story. “Andhra Pradesh: Temple priest beaten up by man dies,” The Hindu, November 2, 2018 (thanks to T.):

The priest of the Sai Baba temple Devulla Satyanarayana Sharma (68), who was beaten up by an Imam on October 26, died while undergoing treatment at the NIMS Hospital in Hyderabad during the wee hours of Thursday.

According to the police, the elderly priest was brutally beaten up by Syed Sadiq Hussain, an Imam in the LB Nagar Masjid after the two had an argument over the loudspeaker of the temple. While the Imam wanted the speaker turned off, the priest refused to do so. Enraged, Sadiq Hussain beat up the priest. Sharma suffered fractures in his ribs and ruptures in his liver. He was initially admitted to the MGM Hospital in Warangal city, but later shifted to the NIMS as his condition worsened. He succumbed to injuries on Thursday while undergoing treatment.

The traders and businessmen observed a bandh voluntarily in Mandi Bazar, Pochamma Maidan and other localities in the city. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad demanded strict punishment to those responsible for the death of the priest…..

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