Heard Buzzing and Humming Sound, Strange Imprint On Window

According to eye witness testimonial (MUFON Case No. 71452) who is resident of Newberry, Florida, on September 27, 2015 we did not see a UFO but my daughter heard buzzing and humming and someone was
trying to open the door at 2 am. There was an imprint on my window in
the morning.
It was 2 A.M in the morning and my oldest daughter was studying for her
test, and she came running to me and told me that someone was trying to
open the door and she was also hearing weird humming noises. 
I put the
alarm on and went back to bed and she went to bed also. In the morning, I
took my dog to the yard at 6 am in the morning and saw an imprint on my window, which was
shaped like an UFO / Crop Circle and it was right under the full moon. 
My daughter recently had a birthday party and we threw balloons out and
in the morning the balloons were in a perfect line outside where the
imprint was. 
We tried to erase the imprint but it went by itself in an
hour. My youngest daughter has always been
interested in aliens and she had been trying to communicate with them.
oldest and youngest daughter have claimed to be abducted before, as
they had scars on their body.

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