Breaking NEW… Maybe Secretary Of State Helped Cover Up Saudi Murder, Maybe He Didn't

Ryan Zinke, who will not be a geologist (even when he says he’s 40 instances, he is nonetheless not a geologist), is outrageously, totally, and fully loopy as catshit. For 2 years now, Yr Wonkette has been sounding the alarms about this grifty bitch. And now he is including crackpottery too!

Now Zinke is utilizing his dumb mouth accountable the hideous California fires — the place lots of are useless and a thousand are lacking — on … Environmentalists.

Inside Secretary Ryan Zinke blamed “environmental radicals” for the California wildfires which have killed at the very least 77 folks, saying they cease forest administration practices that would have prevented the fires.

Do you see how not clean he was in blaming tree hugging sap drinkers for fucking the wind up so dangerous that WE ARE MISSING OVER 1000 PEOPLE IN THE FIRES? Fairly positive the Forest Service can discover methods to do their jobs even when 1000 folks named Sage, Mulberry, and Moonshine yell at them the entire time. What we actually imply to say is, FUCK YOU, ZINKE, YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE, SIR.

Hold studying… Present much less

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