[New Update]: UFO Sighting in Spray, Louisiana on 1977-08-15 00:00:00 – “mothership” descending, appearing on fire, then exploding in arc of light. then 4 “stars” moving above downed “ship” and zagging this way and that, changing colors before zipping up and out of sight.

The next exert is an eye fixed witness assertion. Please learn into it what you’ll. This has been reported to mufon who I’m certain are investigating:


I consider it was 1978 (’77 or ’78). my sister was staying with me down in florien, louisiana space. we’d each gone to our separate bedrooms about 10:pm. i observed from my bed room window a vibrant gentle slowly descending by means of the southern sky. my sister referred to as out, “do you see that”? “a light-weight?”, i requested. “sure”, she mentioned. we rapidly acquired collectively then determined to go outdoors and see it. from the yard we watched this vibrant gentle descend additional and additional towards the bottom. we figured it was one thing from fort polk.
we watched some time as the sunshine, which to me appeared like a “ship” on fireplace, fell decrease and decrease till it fell under the tree lined horizon.
all of a sudden an enormous arc of sunshine stuffed the sky! we gasped. it needed to have been a craft exploding, we thought.
the brilliant arc of sunshine then “sucked down” right into a tiny glow that was barely seen above the treed horizon. “what the heck was that?” we queried.
then, as we watched, three “stars” appeared immediately above the “fallen craft”. they have been excessive within the sky,and so small, or distant, they appeared like dots. however, they moved towards one another.
as we watched them transfer in a straight line towards one another, the two that got here head to head all of a sudden modified colours, blue to crimson,and zipped upward and downward so to not crash. the third “star” moved in and “performed” as nicely, at all times straight on the different dot/star and altering colour because it prevented hitting the one it confronted.
anyway, all of this “star” manuvuering passed off immediately over the area that had been lit up within the arc which the fallen craft had produced, an ideal theatre for us to observe.
sister and i attempted desperately to determine what the military had that could possibly be producing such phenomenon.
my sister then went and referred to as fort polk, to ask them what that they had occurring in that space. the one who spoke to her mentioned that they had nothing occurring.
she rejoined me within the yard to proceed watching.
quickly the sound of helicopters stuffed the sky. we watched as a number of giant “chinooks” (she thinks) crossed over the home we have been in (out within the nation)headed for the realm the place the “mothercraft” went down.
the “stars” have been nonetheless “taking part in” above the location till the ‘copters acquired nearer after they all of a sudden zipped upwards and outwards with superb velocity till they zipped out of sight.
we, after all, have been flabbergasted, unable to determine what we had simply witnessed. the entire occasion lasted a minimum of 45 minutes.
a really memorable expertise we shared and each bear in mind to at the present time.

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