Ten Things Things that Caught My Eye Today (Nov. 7, 2018)

Do you know about the event on November 20 in New York on foster care and adoption?

1. Asia Bibi’s husband begs the U.S. to offer asylum

2. Italy working to help Pakistani Christian in blasphemy case

3. Ramesh on the election

4. It’s Worse than You Suspect: We Can’t Think our Way Out of Decline

5. Couple adopts 4 siblings to complete family of 12

6. The 48 Hours until Legal Adoption Signing:

7. Sean Anders on Adopting Three Kids and the Realities of the Foster-Care System

8. National Geographic: When Do Kids Understand Death?

9. Terry Teachout: Now’s the time

10. Priest who was held captive for 18 months in Yemen on the power of prayer

PLUS: On sanctifying Twitter.

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